Safe Places You Can Hide Your Spare Keys

Most people end up calling a locksmith in the middle of the night simply because they never thought of leaving a spare key where it would come in handy. They presume that when they are careful enough, they will never lose their keys without considering other possibilities. It is however important to have a spare key in a safe place because of burglaries. In fact, having to break into a house may discourage a burglar from getting in and research shows that up to 30% of burglars are reported to sneak into houses simply because they managed to find a spare key.

In preparation for unfortunate incidences where you lose your keys, here are places where you can hide your spares that are deemed secure:

1. Under a dog house

You can hide your keys under a doghouse. Dogs are very protective and any intruder will have to think twice before getting near a doghouse to look for them.

2. Cut a hole in a tree trunk

Go to a tree that is in your garden and make a hole in the trunk where you can place the keys. When you are done, replace the bark of the tree carefully so that the hole is hidden away from any prying eyes.

3. In the car shed

Another place you can put away your keys easily is inside a car shed. This is an ideal place since it is inside the house, but still can be accessed from outside.

4. Inside a lamp shade

Lamp shades are ideal because it may be the last place where a burglar may think of looking.

5. Under a BBQ leg

This is also a place that is not obvious for hiding keys. You may place the key in the machine or even stick it to one of its legs.

6. You can leave your spare with a trusted neighbor

Some neighbors are very good and they can help to watch over your building when you are not around. Leaving your spare key with them may come in handy when you lose or misplace your key.

You should never hide your spare keys in obvious places where burglars will look. Such places include under welcome mats and inside flower pots that are near the main door. However, even after taking all precautions, you may still find yourself locked out of your house.  If you do, call our Pretoria based RB mobile locksmiths on 087 551 0517. We supply all locksmith services for both individual and corporate property owners at an affordable rate. We are on call round the clock and our locksmiths are fully trained to handle any job you have. Make a booking with us today by visiting our site at

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